After the Coal Dust – The Book

The softcover version of After the Coal Dust is available from 1st May 2024 (ISBN 978-1-838159696) A4 format 130pages. Online ordering available soon, in the meantime please get in touch via the contact form.

A PDF version of the book is also available from After the Coal Dust PDF e-book – JOHN GILL

Our book “After the Coal Dust” book was released on the 1st October 2020. It is available in two hardcover editions 12″ (ISBN 978-1-8381596-0-3) and 8″ (ISBN 978-1-8381596-1-0) as well as a Kindle edition (from November 2020).

The print editions contain over a hundred images and several short essays on photography. Both books have 130pages on high quality 200g/m2 paper.

Unfortunately, the Hardcover version of After the Coal Dust is now out of print. It may still be available at resellers such as Abebooks etc

After the Coal Dust records moments in time.

Each image tells a story. Each photograph is absolutely complete.
This is not an easy task for any photographer. The Gills unique book is not about despair but about survival, acceptance, and emotional understanding.

You find yourself taking time over each page, drinking in the light and shade of the scene in front of you. Perhaps, as a photographer, wishing that you could have captured that image.
The fact is that this is one of the very best books of photography to come to the table. An outstanding production: the beautiful images carefully edited and thoughtfully chosen.

Craig Coussins


I’ve followed Bridget and John for a few years and loved their work with street portraits and photography. Hearing they had a book coming out was brilliant. The book has almost all my favourite shots, albeit missing the Infamous ‘Lycra Man’. The presentation and quality is outstanding. I loved it.

Lucas Thompson-Murphy


Waited patiently for this book to be released, wasn’t disappointed great photography from John and Bridget. Street photography at its best, every day life captured through the lens. I bought the large copy well worth extra price. Well done to you both

Duncan Grieve

Berwick on TWEED

I can only recommend the book to everyone. “After the Coal Dust” captures moments in time.
Every picture tells a story. Any photo is absolutely complete.
This is not an easy task for any photographer. The Gills’ unique book is not about despair, but about survival, an acceptance and emotional understanding. You take your time with each page and soak in the lights and shadows of the scene in front of you.
Perhaps as a photographer you wish you could have captured this picture. In fact, this is one of the best photo books to ever come out. An excellent production: the beautiful images have been carefully edited and thoughtfully selected.

*review auto translated from the original German.


2023 Special Edition

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