Woman and children walking in old pit village

Photographs of post-industrial Britain

In 1984, the Yorkshire area had a total of 56 collieries. Today there are none left. The last was Kellingley Colliery which closed on Friday 18th December 2015 signalling the end of coal mining not only in Yorkshire but in Britain as a whole. Other major industries in the UK (such as steel, textiles, and car manufacturing) have seen a similar decline.

The “After The Coal Dust” photographs taken by Bridget and John Gill show life in the former industrial towns now that the industries have gone.

Unapologetically honest, and in some cases tinged with humour, this collection of photographs document another important chapter in the story of Britain’s post-industrial heritage.

Imogen Holmes-Roe

Curator of Art & Photography National Mining Museum for England

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A great review of our After the Coal Dust book on the Progress site in Italy. “This is one of the very best books of photography to come to the table.” Margaret Thatcher’s conservative government, with their forced closures of coal mines and privatisation, caused an enormous social shock, which was met with indignation across…

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Hebden Bridge exhibition review

A great review for the After the Coal Dust exhibition at Hebden Bridge April 2022 “It’s unusual for us to approach exhibitors whose work we have seen elsewhere, sometimes because we’re too busy but also because we get so many artists approaching us and we are spoilt for choice. When we saw After the Coal…

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