Photographs from the post-industrial North of England

In 1984, the Yorkshire area had a total of 56 collieries. Today there are none left. The last was Kellingley Colliery which closed on Friday 18th December 2015 signalling the end of coal mining not only in Yorkshire but in Britain as a whole. Other major industries in the UK (such as steel, textiles and car manufacturing) have seen a similar decline.

The "After The Coal Dust" photographs taken by Bridget and John Gill together with their daughter Freya show life in the former industrial towns now that the industries have gone.


After the Coal Dust Photo Exhibition

An exhibition of photographs from the After the Coal Dust project is now underway at the Bradford Industrial Museum.  The exhibition runs from 18th November 2017 to April 27th 2018

"I don't know who's to blame but if I had a gun I'd shoot 'em all"
Charity shop worker, Knottingley.