About “After the Coal Dust”

“After the Coal Dust” is a series of photographs of post-industrial Britain taken by Castleford couple John and Bridget Gill together with their daughter Freya.

After the Coal Dust exhibition at National Mining Museum for England
Bridget, Freya & John at the After the Coal Dust exhibition at the National Mining Museum for England

The photographs and website are a non-profit project designed to show life in the local area now that the coal mines have closed.

Although these images are taken in the local “coal towns” they are equally relevant to many areas of a post-industrial Britain as other traditional industries such as steel and textiles have seen a similar decline.

The idea is not one of nostalgia for the ‘good old days’ but a dispassionate look at what comes after the closure of an area’s main industry and focal point.

Whilst looking primarily at the people in the local community the After the Coal Dust project also features a series of images of a 90 year old former Bevin Boy Elliott Sheard of Pudsey (Bridget’s father) and his life today.*

Although the larger cities have seen major investment and regeneration many areas have not seen the same opportunities for renewal. These photographs put a face to some of the people in these areas.

All the photographs on display were taken candidly over the past few years.

*Sadly Elliott passed away in May 2017

We have exhibited photographs from After The Coal Dust several locations in the North of England and as far afield as Tokyo.

John has given regular talks at photographic societies and camera clubs including the 2019 YPU Keighley Day even. More of John and Bridget’s photographs can be seen on the John Gill Photography website.

Purchasing Prints

If you would like to purchase prints of any of the images on the website, please get in touch with your requirements.


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