Exhibition at Doncaster Art Gallery

A selection of around forty photographs from the After the Coal Dust project will be displayed at Doncaster Museum and Art Gallery from March 9th to April 21st 2019

Bridget with framed images ready for the Doncaster Art Gallery exhibition.

Entry to the exhibition is free and follows on from the previous successful displays at The National Mining Museum for England and Bradford Industrial Museum.

Please check the Gallery’s website for opening times and accessibility information.

6 thoughts on “Exhibition at Doncaster Art Gallery”

    • Yes Melissa, it’s definitely still taking place we’ve had the dates confirmed – 9th March until 21st April. A few people have asked the same question.

      We’re a little annoyed that the museum hasn’t updated the website to show the exhibition as yet – I mentioned it to them weeks ago and reminded them again a few days back.

      Thanks for asking.



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