“After the Coal Dust” in the news.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus feature on After the Coal Dust

The After the Coal Dust exhibition at the Bradford Industrial Museum (November 2017 to April 2018) was featured in the Bradford Telelgraph and Argus newspaper on the 5th February 2018.

The double page spread featured a short interview and a selection of photographs from the exhibition.


Bradford Telegraph and Argus article on the web

After the Coal Dust talk at Ripon Photographic Society March 5th 2018

Bridget, John and Freya gave a talk to Ripon Photographic Society and showed a selection of images from the After the Coal Dust project.

Here’s the press release for the evening.


PRESS Report 15/3/18

This week we were very pleased to welcome John, Bridget and Freya Gill to show their series of photographs ‘After the Coal Dust’ from their non-profit project designed to show life in the local area now that the coal mines have closed.
The images are relevant to many areas of a post-industrial Britain and they aim to show a dispassionate look at how people’s lives in these areas look on a day-to-day basis.

John was keen to show the emotional impact, to capture some of the desolation of the areas where some of the old markets still have stall holders and shoppers with an air of bleakness and tiredness; full of interesting simple straightforward shots, lonely streets, life-worn faces, pawn shops, fast food outlets, street benches – black and white photographs that projected a vulnerable, ‘weary of life’ look. Barriers, real or imagined, whether it was cultural, age, mobility or health related were highlighted in clever images from all three of the Gill family raising discussion and debate about Street Photography that, as well as promoting some social issues such as drug use, obesity and homelessness, also promoted some humour, contrasts in colour and a real feel for the streets of these towns; there were also some coastal images that were beautifully shot.

John also does a lot of portrait work and some of the street images that he had used as portrait shots were really startlingly frank and natural, capturing emotions of all kinds.


After the Coal Dust exhibition – “Big Screen” trailer

The After the Coal Dust exhibition is currently underway at the Bradford Industrial Museum until the end of April 2018. A trailer for the exhibition by the Museum and Bradford City of Film  is shown periodically on the big screen in Bradford City Park in the town centre - here's the slideshow:

The exhibition displays around 36 images from the project in the Gallery in the Mill exhibition space in the Industrial Museum.

Exhibition Opening Times

Tuesday to Friday 10am - 4pm

Saturday, Sunday & Bank Holiday Mondays 11am - 4pm

Closed Good Friday and Mondays except Bank Holidays.